Ring "Winterfell" by GreenWood - is based on the author's ring from the series "Game of Thrones"! The magical world inside the wooden rings - mountains, castles, snow. Glows in the dark!!! Tiny bubbles create an illusion as if the inside of the ring is a magical country, high mountains and forests. But for someone it will be a fabulous underwater world - everyone will find in this ring something different.
Each piece is in its magical and unique. The ring is made of wood with jewelry resin on top, covered with Carnauba wax and special natural oils to keep the wood from external influences, however it is not necessary to soak the ring in water, scratching and hitting the ring, because it can lead to poor appearance or damage. Avoid contact of the product with hot items, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Wood Ring "Winterfell"

  • Attention! All of our rings are made to order only

    Our team, however like many others, loves the TV series "Game of thrones" and it has inspired us to create a series of rings on this interesting Saga.

    Ring "Winterfell" you can order the right size from 3 to 13,5 inclusive. 

    This ring is unusual in that glows in the dark! Enough to hold it in for 10-15 minutes in bright light, to admire its magical glow in the night.