Wooden ring "INFINITY" by GreenWood! 

he wooden jewelry ring "infinite sky" is made of American walnut tree, peering inside we see the peaks of the mountains, which reliably and staunchly hold light and weightless clouds on their shoulders. The upper part is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly resin, blue, and light patterns of white clouds. Each ring is hand-carved, carefully and skillfully crafted by craftsmen. Life itself is from infinity, so why not enclose it in a ring?
Keep in mind that when making rings to order, work takes 7 to 12 days - so properly plan the time to purchase, especially if You do it as a gift to a loved one - we will not be able to do it immediately. Each ring individually and not like others, because it is handmade. Style and color may be similar, but in the end it's new, unique work. The ring is made of wood with jewelry resin on top, covered with Carnauba wax and special natural oils to keep the wood from external influences, however it is not necessary to soak the ring in water, scratching and hitting the ring, because it can lead to poor appearance or damage.

Wood Ring "Infinity-Sky"

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  • Attention! All of our rings are made to order only
    Ring "Infinity" - it's smooth shapes and soft lines! You can order this ring in our online shop desired size.