Pendant Blue Sky of GreenWood.

Unique wooden pendant lovingly crafted by hand from Oak & Resin Jewelry. Incredible landscape of nature in a miniature world inside the pendant. All products are subject to mandatory certification. Beware of fakes.

IMPORTANT: please make sure you include the size you're looking for in the notes on the bottom of the payment form.* Please keep in mind - it takes up to 2 weeks to make a ring once you complete your order - so make sure you plan accordingly if you're planning to purchase it as a gift for someone special - we won't be able to make it right away.If you need something special, we are always happy with individual orders. We will try to realize your fantasies.* All of the jewelry are originally designed by Green Wood and every piece is unique and only one of a kind - we can't make the next jewelry exactly the same as the previous one. Style and colour can be similar, but at the end of the day, it's a new unique piece.We use only environmentally friendly products to create their own dyeing.The jewelry is made out of fresh wood with jewelry resin on top, covered with carnauba wax and special oils wood. Each jewelry is different and magical.* All our decorations are packed in our branded wooden boxes, you do not need to worry about packing for a gift. In each of our adornments, we invest the love and warmth of our soul.
Important: Keep in mind that when making pendants to order, takes 7-12 days - so properly plan the time to purchase, especially if You do it as a gift to a loved one - we will not be able to do it immediately. Each piece is in its magical and unique. The pendant is made of wood with jewelry resin on top, covered with Carnauba wax and special natural oils to keep the wood from external influences, however it is not necessary to soak the pendant in water, scratching and hitting the pendant, because it can lead to poor appearance or damage. Avoid contact of the product with hot items, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Pendant Blue Sky

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  • Attention! All of our pendant s are made to order only.