Pendant "Fujil" of GreenWood.

The holy volcano in Japan Fujiyama is a bridge between heaven and earth between the creator and people.

The enigmatic pendant "Fuji" is made of valuable breed of black hornbeam, transparent resin of the highest quality and environmentally friendly and safe. At the foot of the volcano there is a fog, and the first snow that shines in the darkness. Every natural phenomenon, endowed with a divine principle.

We believe that investing one's heart and soul in each product, it will bring good luck and happiness to the owner So he will be a wonderful gift and symbol of love.

Pendant height: 6 Centimeters

Pendant width: 3 Centimeters

Necklace length: 60 Centimeters
Important: Keep in mind that when making pendants to order, takes 7-12 days - so properly plan the time to purchase, especially if You do it as a gift to a loved one - we will not be able to do it immediately. Each piece is in its magical and unique. The pendant is made of wood with jewelry resin on top, covered with Carnauba wax and special natural oils to keep the wood from external influences, however it is not necessary to soak the pendant in water, scratching and hitting the pendant, because it can lead to poor appearance or damage. Avoid contact of the product with hot items, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Pendant "Fuji"

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  • Attention! All of our pendant s are made to order only