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​The most frequently asked questions:
Rings Materials: wood oak, walnut, ash, and resin jewelry. On request it is possible to manufacture from amaranth, wenge and other species.
- Production time - 5-7 business days
- Rings are handmade and the exact repetition is not possible
- Size can be any within reason.



Federal state institution of health "Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Saint-Petersburg" carried out sanitary-epidemiological expertise of optical epoxy compounds PEO-10КЭ and PEO-510КЭ-20/0. On its results the conclusion is made that the adhesive compounds correspond to the sanitary norms and rules of the Russian Federation and can be used, particularly in the jewelry industry, fashion jewelry and gifts, including in the home: for the application of volumetric surfaces ("lenses") on plastic, decoupage, earrings, pendants, rings, badges, signs, magnets, etc.; fill separate elements and compositions in form.

EXPERT OPINION NO. from 14.02.2011 year
EXPERT OPINION NO. from 14.02.2011 year

How to care for wooden products:

Avoid contact of the product with hot items, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
If the product has been exposed to a lot of moisture, it is not recommended to dry it with any heat, you must let the product dry naturally
When removal of street dirt, dust, and other contaminants, it is recommended to use special cleaners for wood surfaces. As a secondary cleaning material is used the special cleaning cloth, soft cloth or sponge. It is not recommended to use detergents containing abrasive components or solvents (acids and alkalis).
The surface coating materials always needs care, as the coating lose for a year about 10 microns average layer thickness. This is due to the influence of weather conditions and other destructive factors of weathering, moisture and temperature fluctuations, and radiation (heat and UV), chemical erosion (ozone, industrial exhaust gases, corrosive agents, etc.).
Regular treatment of the polishing wax is one of the important elements of caring for wood products
Method of treatment: apply a thin layer of wax on a small area of the surface. Spread and Polish with a soft cloth along the grain of the wood.
Between the polishing surface must be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust, then immediately remove the remaining moisture with a dry cloth.




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